As part of the annual conference of CASWE within the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), the QSEC SIG invites submissions from scholars, students, activists, educators, artists, and others who research or otherwise engage sexual and gender minority or queer issues in the study of education and culture. The SIG encourages submissions from the wide-ranging topics presently constituting queer research and practice in education and culture from cross-cultural, historical, political, policy, comparative, and other perspectives. The intention is to cover a diversity of topics, inviting stances and reflections from a variety of temporal, geographical, and interdisciplinary perspectives. QSEC also encourages a variety of types of submissions, including academic papers from across disciplines, creative submissions, performances, storytelling, visual arts, and other alternative formats.


Dans le cadre de la conférence annuelle de l’association canadienne pour l’étude sur les femmes et l’éducation (ACÉFÉ) au sein de la société canadienne pour l'étude de l'éducation (SCÉÉ) L'étude de l’allosexualité dans l’éducation et culture (ÉAÉC) invite des chercheurs, des étudiants, des activistes, des éducateurs, des artistes et autres à effectuer des recherches ou à engager de quelque manière que ce soit une minorité sexuelle ou de genre, et les questions relatives à l’éducation et à la culture. ÉAÉC encourage les soumissions sur les sujets variés constituant actuellement la recherche et la pratique « queer » en éducation et en culture des points de vue multiculturel, historique, politique, comparatif et autres. L'intention est de couvrir une diversité de sujets, en invitant des positions et des réflexions à partir d'une variété de perspectives temporelles, géographiques et interdisciplinaires. ÉAÉC encourage également une variété de types de soumissions, y compris des articles académiques de toutes disciplines, des soumissions créatives, des performances, des récits, des arts visuels et d'autres formats alternatifs.

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May 14 - 20

2022 CSSE Conference (Online)

QSEC/ÉAÉC is hosting several sessions throughout the conference. Scroll down to see the detailed schedule.

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May 15th  11 h 00 – 12 h 00 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Multi-Paper Session 1.14: Liminal Being
Listening to and Embodying Gender: Performance and a Slow Ethic of Care
Bishop Owis (Toronto)
"Passing," Policing, and Performing: Gender, Professionalism, and the Queer Teacher
Jamie Anderson (Calgary)
Masculinity Negotiation and Pastiche Hegemony--A Critical Discourse Analysis
Qingyan Sun (Alberta)


May 15th  12 h 30 – 13 h 45 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Multi-Paper Session 2.16: Policy Objects/Policy Subjects

A unicorn leading the way: A trickle-up approach to gender expression and gender identity human rights in K-12 schools

Lee Airton (Queen's), Shay Hadley (Queen's), Jacob DesRochers (Queen's), Kel Martin (Queen's)

Queer being and queer becoming: Nostalgia and futurity in SOGI policy discourses

Bridget Stirling (Alberta)

Fostering Critical Consent Culture on Campus: Using a Disability Justice Framework in Consent Education to Promote Collective Care

Jessica Wright (McGill)

May 15th  15 h 45 – 17 h 00 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Session 4.16: Symposium Panel


The Love Booth and Other Stories

Tara Goldstein (OISE-UT), Bishop Owis (OISE-UT)

May 15th  14h 15 – 15 h 15 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference AGM QSEC/ÉAÉC

May 16th  11 h 00 – 12 h 00 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Multi-Paper Session 6.13: Sexualities, Schooling, and Queer Futures
Sex education queer youth need: Identifying gaps in New Brunswick sex education with 2SLGBTQ+ youth and teachers
Jennifer Barrett (OISE-UT), Casey Burkholder (New Brunswick)
The home is not a monolith: Theorizing kinship in sexuality education
Jacob DesRochers (Queen's)
Queering Educational Futures: Exploring Discourses of 2SLGBTQ+ Erasure in New Brunswick Curriculum
Amelia Thorpe (New Brunswick)

May 16th  14 h 15 – 15 h 15 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Multi-Paper Session 8.14: Queer Representation and the Art of Expression
Forging Queer Solidarities in University Spaces in Trinidad & Tobago and New Brunswick Canada through Cellphilm and Zine Production
Casey Burkholder (New Brunswick), Alicia Noreiga (New Brunswick), Megan Hill, Sabine Lebel
The Street Belongs to Us: Teaching Queer/Trans, Decolonizing, Children's Literature in Canada
Karleen Pendleton Jimenez (Trent)
Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Music Education
Beck Watt (Queen's)


May 17th  12 h 30 – 13 h 45 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Roundtables 12.1: Queer Intersections

Chair/Prés.: Tara Goldstein
Femme-worldmaking in educational research: Dream-mapping as an anticolonial, antiracist, femme, crip methodology
Lindsay Cavanaugh (OISE-UT)
Beyond Inclusion?: Subjectivities of queer-inclusive educators working within deficit-based policy frameworks
Gillian Robinson (Alberta)
"Kika-wapamin/I'll See you Again": The story of a Saulteaux Anishwabe Two-Spirit social worker and a white queer femme educator sharing their voices and stories
Verne Ross (OISE-UT), Lindsay Cavanaugh (OISE-UT)
Falling between the cracks: Compounding identity discrimination within healthcare
Jane Mao (Queen's)

May 17th  15 h 45 – 17 h 00 Eastern / Est

2022 CSSE Conference Multi-Paper Session 14.15: Let Them Lead the Way
Out of the Classroom & Onto the Runway: Queer and Trans Pedagogies in Early Childhood
Lee Iskander (UBC), Harper Keenan (UBC), Lil Miss Hot Mess (Drag Queen Story Hour), LeRoi Newbold (Freedom School Toronto)
From researching with youth to research by youth: Methodological insights from the first (trans,) youth-authored post-secondary textbook

Lindsay Herriot (Victoria)
An Inquiry into Youth Perspectives on the Functionality of GSAs in High Schools
Maria Di Stasio (MacEwan), Lauren Alston (Alberta), Suzanna Wong (Alberta), Jason Harley (McGill)


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