To our community,

Queer Studies in Education and Culture (QSEC) stands in solidarity with all who are mobilizing to confront anti-Black racism in Canada, the United States, and abroad.

QSEC is committed to confronting racism, colonialism, and institutional violence against Black communities, and we call for reform in our academic institutions to redress the silencing of Black and BIPOC voices that is endemic within them.

We honour the intellectual leadership of Black scholars in education, and encourage our followers to stream this recent conversation hosted by The Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) and the Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD) on “Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Education,” with QSEC Program Chair Dr. Andrew B. Campbell, Drs. Njoki Wane, George Dei, Ann Lopez, and Lance McCready, and moderator Janelle Brady: view

Black lives matter. 




July 20, 2020 | 5:30pm-7pm EDT | Zoom

To our fellow scholars of queerness and transness in Canadian education,

Your QSEC Executive sends you our best wishes in this queer time (too soon?), and we already miss seeing you in London this year.

We invite you to join us for a 5:30-a-7 EDT virtual cocktail (Zoom) meet/greet followed by a brief online AGM – look snazzy from the waist up and take a good look at the shining faces of people you know and miss. 

View our notice of motions, as we’re making some changes to the executive positions in the Constitution:




As part of the annual conference of CASWE within the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), the QSEC SIG invites submissions from scholars, students, activists, educators, artists, and others who research or otherwise engage sexual and gender minority or queer issues in the study of education and culture. The SIG encourages submissions from the wide-ranging topics presently constituting queer research and practice in education and culture from cross-cultural, historical, political, policy, comparative, and other perspectives. The intention is to cover a diversity of topics, inviting stances and reflections from a variety of temporal, geographical, and interdisciplinary perspectives. QSEC also encourages a variety of types of submissions, including academic papers from across disciplines, creative submissions, performances, storytelling, visual arts, and other alternative formats.

Dans le cadre de la conférence annuelle de l’association canadienne pour l’étude sur les femmes et l’éducation (ACÉFÉ) au sein de la société canadienne pour l'étude de l'éducation (SCÉÉ) L'étude de l’allosexualité dans l’éducation et culture (ÉAÉC) invite des chercheurs, des étudiants, des activistes, des éducateurs, des artistes et autres à effectuer des recherches ou à engager de quelque manière que ce soit une minorité sexuelle ou de genre, et les questions relatives à l’éducation et à la culture. ÉAÉC encourage les soumissions sur les sujets variés constituant actuellement la recherche et la pratique « queer » en éducation et en culture des points de vue multiculturel, historique, politique, comparatif et autres. L'intention est de couvrir une diversité de sujets, en invitant des positions et des réflexions à partir d'une variété de perspectives temporelles, géographiques et interdisciplinaires. ÉAÉC encourage également une variété de types de soumissions, y compris des articles académiques de toutes disciplines, des soumissions créatives, des performances, des récits, des arts visuels et d'autres formats alternatifs.





QSEC's pro tem (temporary) executive body was replaced by a permanent executive for the next two years, paving the way for our organization to grow and expand. Consider joining QSEC as part of your CSSE membership.

Browse our constitution, or contact Past-President Pro Tem Lee Airton or Communications Director Tasha Ausman during our transition to a new Executive for Fall 2019. 


If you have questions about QSEC, wish to learn more, or would like to volunteer at our 2020 Annual Conference at Western University, please get in touch.


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